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Last night Microsoft hired out New York’s iconic Times Square to launch Kinect to North Americans. And with such an audacious event came the need to put on a bloody good show. Launch pictures from Gamesradar.

Microsoft expecting to sell more than 3 million units by year’s end. So will you help them achive this? Vote at the end of the post.


Update: added gallery


Kotaku took pictures of rapper/crooner Ne-Yo leading hundreds of dancers in a choreographed routine. You could say he was the controller. Those pictures also showed how not only all traffic through Times Square was blocked for the evening, but how all of Times Square’s gigantic televisions flaunted Kinect-based advertising throughout.

The queue was said to stretch for three blocks.

Microsoft US bigwig Aaron Greeberg was astounded by what he saw. “Kinect has taken over all of Times Square… Never seen anything like it,” he tweeted. He too shared a picture from the event, this time of a Kinect advert on a Times Square telly.

Website Broadway World also shared some snaps, this time of surprise guest, actor Mark Wahlberg. He looked muscular in grey.

Kinect is on sale now in North America. Expect statistics and a Microsoft PR cacophony when they wake up.

Microsoft has set a target of 5 million Kinect sales by the end of 2010. (What we need now is a Blue Peter-style fund raising tube-graph to keep track of Kinect’s progress on.)





Source: Eurogamer



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And now some voting time, sorry, but you have to do this still with the mouse…


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Does Kinect replace your primary gaming machine?

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. glubbar

    I laughed at the edited picture of xbox controler history. :)

    No votes yet.
  2. stranded

    PS MOVE for life bitches. They only reason you don’t like it it’s because you don’t have it ;-) it’s fucking cool to play and for a change actually have FUN.

    Kinect is fun but it doesn’t have a lot to offer when it comes to shooters.

    No votes yet.
  3. slay

    Still I don’t understand why PC’s doesn’t fit here.

    The question is: does it replace your current gaming system.
    So if I used to play with PC and I believe that Kinect is my new love, then I stop buying games with unfair prices for PC and play only Frameville and nothing else on PC.
    If I say to Kinect: “Xbox, show me lesbian teens with big tits having sex” and it shows me some cute porn, isn’t that wonderful? I don’t need PC anymore :D

    And whats wrong with PS2 being listed there? You can’t play ps2 games on ps3 :(

    No votes yet.
  4. 0cube

    I prefer PC for RTS and FPS Games. Thirdperson games and other things can be played on any platform in my opinion, but RTS and FPS should stay on computer.

    And could you please specify “why”, because i said more than one thing in my comment, posted above.

    No votes yet.
  5. slay

    @0cube – why do you think so?

    I know someones who want to leave PC gaming behind and focus on consoles. And you know at least one :)
    I personally prefer still PC. I use PC for work and I don’t have big TV :)

    No votes yet.
  6. 0cube

    I think the “PC for life” choice is a bit out of place because kinect is no console, and I’m not sure i want to play dancing games on pc….
    Not that I’m saying pc doesnt rule, it certainly does rule softwaremarket out ther, but in such a poll personal computers should be taken out as a choice… oh and btw PS2!!!!! Eye toy did almost same :P

    No votes yet.
  7. Xan

    I used to be a hardcore console gamer, still love console games, Kinetic, Wii and Move are all gimmicks that don’t interest a real gamer at all, they are for the unwashed masses, the casuals and the soccer moms.

    No votes yet.
  8. tvbegovic

    I have nothing against consoles, but even if I had one, I would still play with controller.

    No votes yet.
  9. Kossak

    hehe yea, i can’t imagine playing on a console at all :)

    No votes yet.
  10. joeangry

    Oh, come on. PC for life, man! (67%, 16 Votes)

    You know, that’s why i love this site :D

    No votes yet.

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