Here are the giveaway winners for Bundle Stars: The Toxic Bundle, bonus winner gets THPS HD from us!

Here we go guys, I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Here are the winners plus bonus one winner gets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD from me :) You guys need to accept my friend invite on Steam!!!


Steam Community Winner:

Google Plus Winner:

Facebook Winner:

Twitter Winner:

Website Winner:


BONUS Website Winner:

More giveaways soon! :)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Juan Batista

    OMG! I won :O Really thank you stranded! Sorry for beign afk :P.

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  2. Hybrid

    Nice group, true to their words.

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  3. stranded

    3 copies sent, rest of the guys seems to be either offline or afk, please hit me up on Steam when you’re on Steam :)

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  4. zolo

    I was one of the lucky guys who won on this give away. Thanks a lot for the games! :)

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  5. Hannah

    Thank you so much!

    Because I fail and just in case anyone needs any help with redeeming the code, you have to have an account on BundleStars, add the bundle to your cart but instead of clicking on the normal options of “continue shopping” or “proceed to checkout” on your cart page, just scroll down and click on the “Got a pre-pay code? Click here to redeem.” Enter the code, and, voilà the bundle will now say $0.00. Just click through checkout and it’ll be on your account n_n

    Once again, thank you for the great giveaway :)

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