EA deals on Steam…revealed?

Reddit users managed to find this (they just replaced monday.jpg to other days of the week):

News thanks to Kossak!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. DrAlexander

    Burnout was cheap enough to buy so I couldn’t resist :). I’ve bought Mirror’s Edge on the winter sale, I have everything there is to have regarding Mass Effect so if Dragon Age: Origins will be cheap enough I might get that too. But I don’t think it’s going to be in my spending range. Too bad. I’ll get it on the next winter sale.

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  2. slay

    tmihai20 – done :)

    well here it is, nfs: shift, 25% cheaper, probably not even close to retail price in US :)

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  3. Rhonin the wizard

    Well, I bought Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, at 3,74€ it’s dirt cheap. Plus it’s cheaper than in the US.

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  4. tmihai20

    “interested”, someone please modify my previous post and delete this one, I was thinking about too many things.

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  5. tmihai20

    I would be interested in NFS Shift and Mass Effect. There is still no update for Wednesday yet.

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  6. DeStiNy


    Anyway, I hope the DAO deal is gonna be great. Probably the only game I will get from that deal week.

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  7. H4ndy

    I own all games I’m interested in allready, unfortunatly (BC2, ME1 & 2, all C&C, Mirror’s Edge and NfS Shift)

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  8. thorin

    Steam Fail!

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  9. Kossak

    Nice deals but i won’t buy anything probably. Unless it’s gonna be super cheap and good game. I already have a lot of games on steam which i haven’t played yet.

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