Comparison script – Steam Unpowered edition!

We proudly present new version of Steam store price comparison script, originally created by tor (thanks!) modified by Zuko. New features: Works on DLCs Works on discounts Converts prices to your local currency Has colors ;-) Configuration (open up the script with your favorite text editor): showYourLocalCurrency – Enables/Disables price conversion to your local currency yourLocalCurrency – Your local currency (eg. PLN, CZK and many more) yourBaseCurrency – base currency…


Get free Men of War acсount now!

1C Company and Best Way announce a special offer dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Victory Day. Starting from May 11 through May 23, 2010 inclusive anyone can download Men of War game client free-of-charge, receive a temporary access key and take part in online battles in all multiplayer modes available. Get Men of War Key!


Steam: Mac support on the way?

Is Steam coming to Mac users? It seems so! Check out this thread (they found some hidden TF2, Left 4 Dead and Portal images and new Steam’s UI Mac buttons):


EA’s Steam pricing finally criticized

Finally someone else than us noticed the non-sense pricing on Steam. It’s kind of sad it took a over a year for someone to finally see it. Although, better late than never. Not that we didn’t contact IGN a year ago about this…but oh well. Anyway, here’s the post: “I noticed something when cooking up the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition Steam pre-order…


Modern Warfare 2: You will lose your game!

Yes, most of you will lose it if you bought the game in other place than Steam or authorized retail stores. So if you bought your Modern Warfare 2 key of OnlineKeyStore or something similar (maybe G2Play?) you will lose your game from the Steam games list and you will never get it back!   Here’s a link to Steam Powered forums:   And here’s BurtonJ’s response: Update: Here's…


RedLynx pirated their own game!

RedLynx, the developer of Trials games, said that it seeded pirate torrent sites with neutered copies of the game in order to stoke interest in the title. Tero Virtala, the RedLynx CEO, said that the pirated version his team sent out did not include leaderboard support, which Virtala called the "soul" of the game. In other words, the pirate version functioned as a kind of demo without being a demo,…

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Left 4 Dead 2: Demo coming today, servers are up!

Left 4 Dead 2 was rescheduled for today @ 9PM (Central European Time). Meanwhile Left 4 Dead 2 demo server files are already available and we have some good news, thanks to our friends at Strefa Gier TP we just setup 10 servers in Poland. Click here for IP addresses!   Update: Something is downloading right now: Update 2: Fuck it, still blocked and redownloaded the whole demo and nothing.…


Team Fortress Birthday!

Today is the official birthday of Team Fortress Classic! August 24th is the day when the Team Fortress was released as a Quake total conversion. Today all Team Fortress 2 players wear birthday hats, all gibs turn into birthday presents and any time you hit someone with a weapon, balloons slowly float away out of them. Have fun!


Przelicznik cen

Only for Polish users. Od jakiegoś czasu miałem zamiar umieścić na stronie arkusz Excel'a pozwalający na szybkie przeliczenie oraz porównanie cen w Steam, D2D i Impulse. Arkusz ten powstał zaraz po wprowadzeniu przez VALVE € i przeszedł dość poważne zmiany od tego czasu. Nie będę się rozpisywał bo nie ma o czym, sami zobaczcie a w razie wątpliwości/pytań piszcie na forum lub w komentarzach. Aby pobrać arkusz rozwiń niusa.


Ubisoft goes worldwide

With shitty prices, but at least it's available worldwide now. Check out this link! In case it disappears, like things do on Valve's websites, here's a screenshot: