Steam Great Treasure Hunt results (QUIZ)

  Let’s count the chickens now.   Questions about Treasure hunting Q1: How many objectives did you score? Q2: How many times you managed to get all 4 objectives done? Q3: Did you WIN anything? Q4: Did you claim the hats? If yes, then how many and what is your opinion? Q5: How many objectives you had already completed when new hunt started? (Total, if you remember :)) Q6: How…


Are you hunting, punk? (QUIZ)

Okay, lets talk about Steam Treasure Hunt that is running now from 6th Dec until 20th Dec.


PS. Somebody gave a hint not to delete demo or game after completing a treasure, better delete unnecessary junk (like buggy Undergarden, where you have to change regional settings to English/Canada, wtf, man?!) after 20th Dec.


Last challenge! – 18th – 19th Dec Objectives

  • Write a recommendation

  • Become a Founding Father in Empire: Total War (-50% discount with unfair 1$ = 1€ price)

  • Set a leaderboard score of at least 37 for ‘Beach’ in Flight Control HD (-50% discount with fair price)

  • Played at least 15 games or demos since March 2009 (When Steam began recording playtime)




First Kinect sex game tech demo arrived (NSFW!)

“Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about you and Kinect…” It took some time, but here it is. The first Kinect sex game from the developer of game like 3D Sexvilla 2 (sex-MMO). Currently it is only in tech demo, but soon there will be a fully interactive game. And then you can get your fleshlight and feel the game like the real thing. Or maybe even better?   More…


Weekend Deals (03.12.10)


Here are some interesting news from last weeks:

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We are glad, that EU is recognized as considerable Union, not like some rich bastards from hell ;) So even if the price is unfair for some games, buy them and get something extra, just for us, the EU customers.


And here are deals from our friends

There are daily deals in Impulse, Good Old Games, GreenManGaming, GamersGate, GamesPlanet and in Telltale Games. Check those sites every day for something interesting: new deals, coupons, etc.




How many games did you buy?

  So let’s count the chickens now.   Only honest answers please [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"]   (Thanks, glubbar)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


(Updated on 30th Nov) Thanksgiving Deals

The “Give & Get” Sale starts today and ends Tuesday, November 30. Each day during the sale there will be huge savings on featured games and large game packs that are perfect for gift-giving throughout the holidays. In the spirit of giving, each day of the sale, Valve will be awarding 30 users with the top five games on their wishlists. To become eligible to win, simply load up your own wishlist with ten or more items now.

PS. Impulse has also nice deals every day. But you need Impulse Now running in background. PS. Impulse has also Bethesda Softworks for lowered prices.
New! Todays Impulse gives big Fuck Off to all non-North America customers by selling region restricted Dragon Age Ultimate with 50% discount. At least some from other 47 deals are okay. And Bethesda games, if you care.

Gamersgate thanksgiving deals

New! GamersGate Holyday Gift Guide that lasts 4 weeks! First week: 38 deals.

New! Also some deals in GamesPlanet

Bioware offering 20% discount with coupon code JIVETURKEY in Bioware shop (maybe US only) –

Blizzard is offering World of Warcraft  series for very cheap!

Good old Games: Age of Wonders series 50% off

Green Man Gaming: Deluxe selection box 25% discount, still shooter fest –40%, thanksgiving deals save up to 90%

New items in Valve Merchandise shop and discounts!

EA Store has Sims 3 weekend – discount -30%



Have fun, but don’t spend too much :D Save something to X-mas sale :)

25th November in Steam

26th November in Steam

27th November in Steam

28th November in Steam

29th November in Steam

30th November in Steam



Weekend Deals (19.11.2010)

Sorry for late post :)

Here are some interesting news from last week:

Design your own S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 quest; leaked news: Tomb Raider: Ascension coming 2011; Sony cuts PSPGo price again in UK; Trials HD 2nd add-on Big Thrills with 40 new tracks and more coming on 1st Dec; Crytek believes that Crysis 2 will be a 90 rated game; Alan Wake 2 coming for Kinect?; new Assassins Creed coming in 2011; Blizzard bought 9k m2 new office space; Diablo III heading to consoles; MMO APB re-launches as Free-To-Play game in 2011; new MMO called Planet Michael Jackson, wtf?; Need For Speed Shift 2 out in spring 2011; Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will released on 17th May 2011 (almost all shops sell it for 45€ already); gaming is good for boys, but bad to girls in school; Activision closes Guitar Hero dev; some info revealed for Bioware new unannounced game and some speculations – new just new HINT was posted!; free DLC for R.U.S.E.; PC Create demo available; Portal 2 suffers Valve time :D – it will not make it on 9th Feb, new date is 22th April in EU; EA launching Facebook golf game; THQ Homefront coming on 11th March in EU; Bungie searching for lots of beta testers for unannounced game; Borderlands with all DLCs coming to Mac on 3th Dec;


And here are deals:

Updated: added Sam & Max collection to TellTaleGames, Test Drive Unlimited in Gametap



Weekend Deals (12.11.10)

Woow, what a cool date… :)

Let’s check the latest week news around the various sites.
Today’s games use 23-30% of Kinect; Shops slam Steam monopoly/Valve is killing market!; APB is coming back – sold with £1.5 mil; Stargate Worlds MMO developer loses license; You exploit a glitch in CoD: BO? cheater, douchebag (by Treyarch)!; House of the Dead: Overkill 2 for Wii & PS Move; Free female avatar Black Ops clothes; next CoD will be in space!; Operation Flashpoint next game, GRID 2 & DiRT 3 coming; 3D will go into iPhone next year; Valve: single player games have a future; PS Move stealing Wii users; enhanced and revamped BC1 maps coming to BC2; Postal III in Q1 2011; why Uwe Boll doesn’t stop already? – Bloodrayne 3; Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO launches in 2011; WoW: Cataclysm vs Bejeweled 3; Battlefield Play4Free launches on Nov 30. STALKER TV series coming – kotaku, official page; Take 2 on sale again; armed robbers make off with 100 copies of CoD: BO; Retail threatens Steam ban;


PS. There may pop up more lots of good deals but unfortunately I can’t update the post, because I am in Poland, in Plock, enjoying Jean Michel Jarre concert on Saturday :) So please be goood boys and girls and post the good deals into comments :)


And now let’s look at the good offers in this week.




Half-life 2 series like you never seen before

All of us have played Half-life 2 series through many times. Now it’s time to play it through one more time and experience the beautiful world which was reanimated by FakeFactory with his brand new FakeFactory’s Cinematic Mod 10.90 (released on 23th Oct). Latest patch is 10.94.

This mod is total graphical/musical conversion of Half-life 2 + Episode 1 + Episode 2. Everything has been turned into HD, it contains new skins for characters (select them with Character Pimper), new soundtrack, ironsight and fixes for some VALVE bugs!

To run this, you need modern hardware. Lots of memory, 64 bit OS and hard disk space. So now it is the time to upgrade your computer, I know, you postponed it for a long time already


Let’s watch the trailer first.

FakeFactory 10.90 official Trailer



Weekend Deals (05.11.10)

Handful news from past weeks:

DOTA SCII mod shown @BlizzCon; Blizzard exited about 4th WoW expansion; Hitman 5 is coming!; APB not dead? Back to the Future series by Telltale, pre-order it, get free copy of Puzzle Agent and support Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research; Microsoft claims that new PC Marketplace is NOT like Steam; Minerva’s Den DLC for Dragon Age still coming; F.3.A.R. worldwide on 22nd March 2011; brand new Battlefield coming; first Unreal Engine powered game for iPhone by EA; NBA Elite 11 cancelled (EA); Dragon Age Legends for Facebook in Feb 2011; Heavy Rain is for girls!; next Silent Hill movie by Michael J. Bassett; over 100k players joined the free-to-play MMO Bloodline Champions in few weeks; EA invading Facebook during next 5 years; next Resident Evil game will be developed by SOCOM?; Blizzard doesn’t know how StarCraft ][fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][ ends; new add-on Dragon Knight Saga for Divinity II; Microsoft woke up and starts developing MOAR GAMES!; Japanese CoD: Black Ops totally different; nude patch for Fallout New Vegas; CoD: BO pre-loadable in D2D; Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms – browser based online game; Kinect; if you live in US, Canada or UK, you can win stuff from 2K games sweepstakes; Zynga (Facebook games) is worth more than EA!; Bejeweled 3 coming on 7th December – looks awesome!; Irrational Games radical upgrades to Unreal Engine for BioSchok Infinite


And now let’s see what our friends have to offer.


Updated: The Sims 3 DLC discount in EA store and warning to Supreme Commander 2



Week-long & Halloween deals in digital stores


  • Steam
  • Impulse
  • GamersGate
  • GetGames
  • EA Store
  • Good old Games
  • Green Man Gaming
  • GamesPlanet
  • Games on Demand


Steam has launched THQ WEEK sale.

Monday, 25th Oct – Red Faction series -75%

Tuesday, 26th Oct – Titan Quest Gold  -75%

Wednesday, 27th Oct – Metro 2033 -66% (if you like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., you will like this! recommended. NB! FAIR DEAL!)

Thursday, 28th Oct – Frontlines: Fuel of War -85% (FAIR DEAL)

Weekend deal, 29th Oct – 1st Nov – Dawn of War whole series -50%




Huge amount of sales!

Ghostbusters: The Videogame, Worms Reloaded, Left 4 Dead Bundle (also separately), Team Fortress 2, Resident Evil™ 5, Zombie Driver, Nation Red, Burn Zombie Burn!, Doom Rails, Ghost Master®, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dracula Origin, Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition, Zombie Bowl-o-Rama, Overlord Complete Pack (also separately), Alter Ego, BioShock™, Aliens vs. Predator™, Devil May Cry 4, Dark Fall: Lost Souls, Haunted House™, Dead Space!

I wonder why there is Bioshock but not Bioshock 2, why there is no Vampire, the Masquerade. Why no Devil May Cry 5?

Anything else? What game should also be in this list? Leave a comment!



Left4Dead Halloween and now MAC support –

Team Fortress 2 Halloween “Scream Fortress” with 4 ghostcheviements + old scarechievements –



Weekend Deals (22.10.10)

Sorry guys for late post, I was in Latvia til Friday late evening.


Few handpicked news:
Steam has over 30 million users; CoD: Black Ops with Steamworks; Civ 5 DLC coming on 25th Oct; Trine 2 coming in spring 2011; 80% willing to play with 3D glasses; WoW Cataclysm min. requirements; Microsoft brings out “Steam rival”, it looks more like GoG + EA new EADM hybrid; Fallout Online on second half of 2012;


But now let’s see what our friends have to offer.



We are under attack! (updated: NOT!)

Good news everyone! All is good. Nobody went to war against us. We are NOT under attack. It has been simple row of unfortunate accidents….

Steam community problem started with Steam bug, which corrupted event and spammed users every time the logged in. We lost 100 users or so. Screenshots were made (as seen below in this post) and ticket to Steam was made. Steam realized 2 days later that there is glitch with event and changed status from public to private, so people can’t join and receive event-spam. Quoting:

The group was locked momentarily in order to address the issue with the events. It appears that a glitch caused the status to change in the first place. We apologize for the inconvenience.

But they didn’t know or cared to look that this event was already deleted, at the very same day. So they wanted to protect users from this glitch that wasn’t there anymore. But this isn’t the end of the bad luck – stranded, the community group owner, left accidentally the community and therefore lost his group owner status (as I assume). Let’s see what Steam support answers. I have one thread running in Steam support according this and it is totally positive experience.

Original post as follows:

Shortly as Dragoon said: In the last 30 days we had phishing attack, event spam and now the steam group was taken over by Steam.

Looks like all these problems we encountered here and in Steam community are escalated now to bigger scale.

The text is saying:
Type Changed – October 20th @ 4:47am – Group was changed into an invite-only group by %actor%
Group Locked – October 20th @ 4:47am – Modifications to the group have been disabled by Support



Weekend Deals (15.10.10)

Yo, dudes, I thought that I add some news also here, so let me know, If you like it or not

New Duke is coming soon; Valve is making DotA 2; Valve will not start trade-in service; Pirates of Carribean RPG cancelled; Dragon Age 2 pre-orderers get free content, screenshots; fan made Duke Nukem will be released for free, video; Blizzard bans SCII gamers (also single player), who uses 3rd party hacks;


updated: GetGames & Gamesplanet deals



In Duke We Trust?

The most waited and resurrected game is now on our doorstep. After 12 years of failures and money loss it is finally coming true. The game is developed by Gearbox, the maker of Borderlands and other cool titles, and should come out early 2011 (Valve time).

Lately Gearbox wanted to distribute Duke Nukem Forever demo only for Borderlands Game Of The Year edition buyers, but now is announced that Duke demo will be free for everyone. Borderlands GOTY will be released on Friday, so this means most likely that DNF demo is not ready yet :)



This post contains video, pictures and a poll at the end, so have fun :)

Do you wanna play it?

11:52 – »Dragoon«: You own borderlands on steam?
11:53 – »Dragoon«: right click on borderlands in your library then cd-key
11:54 – »Dragoon«: you should find a cd-key for duke nukem fist access club
11:54 – »Dragoon«: go here to register
11:54 – »Dragoon«: :)



Weekend Deals (08.10.10)

“Good news everyone, your new mission is to explore all good deals in digital world”. (Sorry, I am watching too much Futurama lately :D)

Oh yes, btw, WoW Cataclysm in stores on 7th December, should cost ca $40.

Updated: more detailed info on GamesPlanet deals, also added hint about awesome date (10/10/10) deal ;)


10 Comments being false-reported as Web Forgery

Update: Currently all is good, is not being reported as Web Forgery :)


It all started with DLC post. Now almost every new post is reported as forgery attack site. Currently you can experience it in Weekend Deal post

But it is not true! does not contain any bad, malicious scripts that try to install junk to your computer or gather your passwords or trick you, also there is no spambots, no toolbars, no trojans, no viruses, no rootkits, etc. We are clean!

You may confirm it by yourself:




The end of the DLC’s?

Gamespot revealed scary statistics – only 15% PC and 6% of console consumers buy DLCs. And this may be end of the DLCs and rise of the prices and sequels or new name with re-skinned game (if you know what I mean … ;D)

And here is the article:


Industry-research group finds small minority download premium content via Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii over three-month period; 15 percent got content online via PC or Mac.



Weekend Deals (07.05.10)

Hi, so it is busy weekend this time :) Lots of good deals for everyone. PS. Do not forget, that week deals still apply :D   Steam is celebrating Civilization V (SteamWorks) pre-sale and is offering Civilization IV series with 75% discount! Get the whole package for 10€! PS. In Direct2Drive you can get it for 4,95€! Also we have Civilization III complete for 1,25€! Oh, I forgot, there is…