EU targeting Geo-Blocking and Territorial Restrictions.

Today the EU Commission released a paper outlining the Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe. One of the points addressed is the “preventing of unjustified geo-blocking”. With other words. The EU commission is planning to ban online territory restriction inside the EU. Many of us have been victim of IP based racism in the past. Like not being able to purchase a game at a lower price in an other…


Steam Family Sharing Beta – Borrow and Share your Steam Game Library

Valve just announced a new cool upcoming feature.
The Steam Family Sharing will allow you to share your Steam games with others on up to 10 different computers. That means, people will be able to play your games while using their own Steam accounts, on your local or a different computer. That sounds much like the Family Sharing program announced for the Xbox One before Microsoft went 180°.



It’s Getting Ridicules. The Next Awesome Humble Bundle. This time: EA-Games (UPDATE)

Update 8/27/2013: Last 24 hours on the Humble Origin Bundle before the sale ends.
If you want to own a bunch of AAA EA-titles, and find comfort that your money will help people in need, here is your chance.

Last week they added two more games to the bundle. The Red Alert 3 standalone expansion Uprising, and the very old Populous god game from 1998. You get these additional games if you either pay the current average ($4.92), or you bought the bundle already previously. So check your Humble account.

If you bought the bundle for Sims3 check back too. They replaced some Sims 3 keys, and fixed the problems with code redeeming for the Date Night items.



What we all like to see on Steam, EA-Origin just got: REFUNDS!

  TL:DR From today on Origin give the Great Game Guarantee: You may return EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) purchased on Origin for a full refund. It probably happened to all of us, we bought a game just to regret it later. Maybe the game, what is nowadays all too common is bugged beyond reason, your video card can't keep up or it's just a bad game. In…


Steam – Summer Sales July 11th?

  According to a Reddit user, he has been told by a Steam-Support representative that Valves yearly Summer Sale will start July 11th. Take this with a grain of salt, but better get your wallet ready to thrown at your display. Here a screenshot from the support ticket. If the sales happen likely start at 10:00 AM Valve time World clock Update 7/11/2013: Steam has this unspoken policy to not…


SavyGamer » Alpha Protocol, PC – €2.49 –NO LONGER VAILD

Seems the price was a mistake. Now the game cost €24.90-. Kudos to everyone who bought the game for €2.49     Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25 07/10/2010 in Digital Distribution Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25 This offer is only officially possible to get in certain parts of Europe, but by using this workaround you can get it anywhere: 1. Go to this proxy. Any proxy for a country that…


SavyGamer » APB Steam Refund

  APB Steam refund update 25/09/2010 in Digital Distribution, News If you bought APB from Steam, apparently EA are now offering a free game as a refund. Valve put up a brick wall, but EA are making up for the fact that customer who bought their game ended up with nothing to show for it. If you contact them through this site, and tell them you’d like another game to…


Medal of Honor and the Taliban – What Real Soldiers Think

  Recently the multiplayer mode of Medal of Honor faced criticism for allowing the player to take the Taliban side, thus killing US soldiers. I won’t comment the moral ethics to portray an ongoing conflict nor if it wise too, but interesting to read is what real soldiers think that have to face the Taliban everyday. GamrFeed interviewed 9 fighting soldiers, men and women alike  about their opinion and how…


Eureka! Steam client tabbed chat! UPDATE!

UPDATE! They guys at Steam listened to us users and added with today's Steam Client update friends chat with automatic tabbed chat. While they were at it, they added tabbed browsing to the in-game overlay browser as well! The same hotkeys you use in Firefox/Internet Explorer to navigate tabs works in Steam too. Steam client update released Client Update - Valve A Steam client update is now available. To apply…

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Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers

(click on the picture to see the deal) Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers  is coming this month to Steam and will include the usual Steamworks features like achievements, leaderboards and matchmaking. The game was previously released on XboX 360 last year. The PC version will include the expansion pack for free.   Some may already heard of Magic: The Gathering, for you who have not: Magic –…


Shattered Horizon: Free Weekend And 50% Off

(click on the picture to start the preload)

Thanks to Rad86N, it came to my attention there will be from 19th to 21st February on Steam a Free Weekend promotion for Shattered Horizon including a hefty 50% discount.

This follow the the yesterday release of the first content pack Moonrise for Shattered Horizon. Moonrise is free and adds 4 new maps to Shattered Horizon.

According to  FM_kingkatt on the official Futuremark forums:

Announcement on the Futuremark Forums

Moonrise Free Weekend on Steam:
Starts 00:01 GMT Friday 19 February (click link for other time zones)
Ends 21:00 GMT Sunday 21 February (click link for other time zones)
Players can start pre-loading Shattered Horizon from Steam late Wednesday evening onwards.



Command and Conquer Classics for Free

(click on the picture to see the deal) Electronic Arts celebrate this year Valentines Day by giving away for free Command & Conquer™ Classic games. This involves the first Command & Conquer ever, Command & Conquer Tiberium Dawn Command & Conquer Red Alert 1 Command & Conquer 2 Tiberian Sun including the expansion pack Firestorm Happy Valentine Day Command & Conquer™ Classics for Free. Make sure you read the "Installation…


Aliens vs Predator Steam: Pre-order now and receive Universe at War: Earth Assault for free

(click on the picture to see the deal)

Almost 11 years ago a PC game bought together two of the most vicious creatures ever unleashed on mankind by filmmakers. Aliens and Predators. Although the cross-over of this former two independence movie franchises is dated back to 1990, it was the game that lead to it’s today success. It was followed by a sequels and two movies in 2004 & 2007.

February 16th Aliens vs. Predators will return to the PC for a third strike.

Good price for Britons, while Europeans once again suffer from the 1€=1$ conversion.

US: $49.99
UK: £24.99 (19% lower)
EU: 49,99€ (43% higher)