Origin rejects payments in South America and Africa

Hey guys, couple of people contacted us about this and we decided to post about it asap. As you all realize Origin is having a Battlefield 3 sale right now on their store page. But if you’re from South America or Africa you’re out of luck.

It seems that Electronic Arts for some reason decided to block payments from those areas which is not cool. If you have friends over there just gift them those games somehow! More info about the problem available on EA forums.

Origin Restrictions

If anyone from Origin is reading this – you guys should fix this right away, it’s not cool having a big sale and cross off couple millions of people. Cheers.

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Origin rejects payments in South America and Africa, 4.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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petr.kamarad: Me too. Thanks

petr.kamarad: Me too, thanks :)

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