E-mail from CD Projekt (The Witcher)

I’ve asked CD Projekt RED about the prices on Steam and here’s an e-mail I’ve just received:

Hello,CD Projekt RED is not a direct seller of the game, the seller is Atari.

Price of the game is determined on the basis of Valve -> Atari offered money plus a margin.

CDP RED is the creator of the game only and does not affect the pricing policy of the companies – Valve and Atari.

Take care,

Justyna Hryć
Assistant Customer Service Department

Which simply means, Valve offers the price and Atari agrees for it.
And as we all know Atari lowered the price in € for The Witcher.

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E-mail from CD Projekt (The Witcher), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
  • thetifa

    That means that Valve can set the price for each game as they want. Which also means, they make a fortune from this whole ordeal.

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  • NearE

    It doesn’t even matter for me if they are so kind that they lowered the Euro prices, the bloody Atari catalog isn’t even available here! (Sweden)

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  • Rad-86

    Witcher is a game developed in EU, I see no reason for it to cost more in Europe.

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  • sir9

    Same here, I live in the Netherlands and The Witcher isn’t available here.

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  • Rad-86

    Czech republic has Witcher for 22,49€, 29,99€ without the holiday sale deal..
    According to steampowered.com .. US citizens can buy the game for $29.99, resp. $39.99

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  • stranded

    Guys from Netherlands and Sweden you should send some e-mails to Atari or maybe post in here http://forums.eu.atari.com/

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