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Californium €8.99 / £6.29 / $9.11 + free game!

This one looks promising and with a free, additional game (Puddle) and low price you can’t go wrong. Pre-order available on GamesPlanet and works with Steam!

Californium Deal

February 12th 00:41, 2016|0 Comments

Borderlands 2: Complete Bundle €10 / $10

I really like this coop game, now it’s super cheap with all DLCs! Go here. Since it’s Steam play it doesn’t matter if it says Linux on that page so don’t worry.

Borderlands 2 DEAL

February 10th 14:50, 2016|0 Comments

Few words about Valve’s employee Torsten Zabka

Here is some really bad info from reddit/r/Steam guys, Victor, a translator and ex-moderator from the Spanish Steam Translation Server team, posted a really concerning message regarding Steam Translation Server program:

“Valve employee Torsten Zabka, also known for being the Head Admin and creator of STS, has been harassing, lying, discrediting, creating an oppressive, intimidating environment, and overall doing questionable things that have finished with several mods being kicked, a strike of the whole Spanish team that’s still going, and another Valve employee being illegally fired for complaining about these unlawful activities. We would like to share the story with you.”

Steam Rage

And more:

“There has been a huge mess involving Valve’s employee Torsten Zabka and the Spanish team of Steam Translation Server that has resulted a strike from the whole team, and 2 valuable colleagues being expelled, one of them being a Valve employee that also got fired. We want to share the story to reach Valve’s attention and show the community that not everything around is pretty.”

Basically Torsten Zabka told them something about future employment at Valve just to make those guys more productive in translating Steam and it’s contents for free and after many years he told them to fuck off after they’ve contributed so much.

More information in this thread, this is just pathetic behavior. I hope they will fix the whole situation asap…

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Price Comparison: Dying Light Enhanced Edition

The brand new add-on for Dying Light comes out today, check out the prices below!

Dying Light Enhanced Edition SteamUnpowered Price Comparison

Store EUR Buy
G2A €29.67 Visit
CJSCDKEYS €32.93 Visit
Kinguin €33.49 Visit
G2A €34.99 Visit
GameMafiaPro €34.99 Visit
G2A €37.95 Visit
Kinguin €37.99 Visit
G2A €40.69 Visit
G2A €44.99 Visit


All prices in Euros, you can easily convert them to other currency by using our widget on the sidebar. All keys should be region free but always check before you buy!

February 9th 13:28, 2016|2 Comments

Weekend Deals (07.02.2016)

Heyyyy… anyone else sick? Here are the Weekend Deals:

Steam Unpowered


XCOM 2 £28.99



Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Midwinter Sale



The Evil Within $12.00



Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekly Sale


Rise of The Tomb Raider €32.99

Call of Duty Black Ops III €31.02

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain €37.75

Just Cause 3 €29.14


Tom Clancy’s The Division $40.59

Tom Clancy's The Division PC

Far Cry Primal $34.83 $34.79

Far Cry Primal Sale Deal Pre-Order CDKEY 2016


Mad Max €14.99



20% off voucher: 20PERC-WTHGMG-201627

Chinese New Year Sale!

Chinese New Year Sale

Limited Sale on GMG up to 75% off! (still up since last week!)

Limited Sale


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth €9.95

Evolve €11.95

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition €4.95

Project Cars €19.95

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes €4.95

Daedalic Adventure Bundle €4.95


SimCity £9.99 (still up!)


Tropico 5 €5.75

February 7th 19:49, 2016|0 Comments

DOOM Pre-Order €48.99 / £34.99 / $51.06

DOOM is now available as a pre-order on GamesPlanet. I know I’m not pre-ordering any games at all, I’m not a beta tester ;) but if you guys want you can grab it here, it works with Steam.


Regional links:

February 6th 13:50, 2016|2 Comments

Fortnite and Paragon giveaway winners inside!

Here are the winners :D I’ve sent you the invites, one guy needs to wait for Jaex (ShareX developer!) to send him Paragon invite. Edit: Last invite sent!

Paragon Fortnite WINNERS

Epic Games Giveaway

Fortnite invites go to:

Paragon invites go to:

  • Thrash1895
  • Zekk (invite coming a little bit later, as soon as Jaex sends it!)

I guess you guys can switch the games between each other if you want. Please accept the invites and if you want add me to your friends list, I will be more than happy to help you out in Fortnite and maybe in Paragon during the weekend! More giveaways coming soon! :)

February 6th 02:00, 2016|2 Comments

Six hours left, Fortnite and Paragon giveaway!

If you want to have a chance to win Fortnite or Paragon invite go here! Additionally I just got one more invite for Paragon. So 2 x Fortnite and 2 x Paragon :D

Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside

February 5th 17:26, 2016|0 Comments

Civilization Beyond Earth €8.92 / $10.00 / £6.88

Civilization Beyond Earth is now at 75% off on DLGamer, you can get the game here, it’s Steam redeemable.


February 5th 10:32, 2016|0 Comments

Humble Ubisoft Bundle is really nice!

The latest Humble Bundle is really nice, you get Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Grow Home and Rayman Origins for only $1! If you want to get more games you need to pay over $7 to get them, the games are: Far Cry 3, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China and more to be announced soon!

Humble Ubisoft Bundle

Additionally $15 gets you Assassin’s Creed Rogue, The Crew and $75 gets you Tom Clancy’s The Division (pre-order), exclusive The Division T-Shirt and 66% off coupon for any 3 Ubisoft games from the Humble Store.

February 4th 12:51, 2016|0 Comments

Need For Speed: Most Wanted FREE on Origin!

EA is getting really good these days, first Origin Access now another good game On The House. Simply open the Origin application on your computer and accept the free game, you can also add it to your account by going to the Origin website using your phone if you can’t use the program at the moment.

Most Wanted FREE GAME

I’ve personally never played this one, only the old Most Wanted back in the day. This one is more like Burnout I guess since it was created by Criterion games which isn’t a bad thing! See the trailer:

February 3rd 20:58, 2016|0 Comments

Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside!

Hello! I’m really liking Fortnite myself, it’s an amazing game! Just got another batch of invites and decided to give them away. Along with one Paragon invite, I’ve only played this one once so far but it looks like a nice MOBA game.

Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside

What do you have to do? Simply join the giveaway on Gleam. All you need to do is join our Steam group. It ends on February 5th 2016.


February 3rd 19:00, 2016|2 Comments

Price Comparison: XCOM 2

Brand new XCOM game is available for pre-order. Here is the Price Comparison! :D

Price Comparison XCOM 2

Store EUR Buy
G2A €32.95 Visit
GameMafiaPro €32.99 Visit
G2A €33.49 Visit
Kinguin €33.49 Visit
CJSCDKEYS €34.43 Visit
G2A €34.99 Visit
G2A €35.99 Visit
Kinguin €37.66 Visit
Kinguin €37.99 Visit
G2A €39.99 Visit
G2A €39.99 Visit
Green Man Gaming €46.37 Visit
Green Man Gaming €49.99 Visit

All prices in Euros, you can easily convert them to other currency by using our widget on the sidebar. All keys should be region free but always check before you buy!

February 3rd 12:55, 2016|0 Comments

DiRT Showdown €3.75 / $4.10 / £2.83

DiRT Showdown is now on sale on GamersGate, the game activates on Steam worldwide. Get it here!


February 3rd 11:56, 2016|0 Comments

Mars War Logs €3.75 / £3.00 / $4.20

Mars War Logs is now cheap on GamesPlanet, it activates on Steam. Go here to check it! (EUR link).

Mars War Logs

February 1st 14:08, 2016|1 Comment
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