List of good and cheap coop games on Steam Summer Sale

I figured that some of you like to play coop games with your friends just like I do. I always look for some good coop games on Steam during sales. I did a list to myself with a couple of original games I haven’t played before and decided to share it with you guys.

Steam News

All of the games below have positive reviews and only one of them is Early Access. I always try to avoid those because I don’t want to support unfinished products. Here are the games!

Hero Defense €4.49

Hero Defense

Looks like a nice combination of tower defense and coop!

Victor Vran €4.99

Victor Vran

Looks like a Diablo wanna-be. Could be fun.

Age of Wonders 3 €7.49

Age of Wonders 3

I just remember the last game from long time ago and I guess it could be good, something like Heroes of Might and Magic?

The Red Solstice €7.99

The Red Solstice

Looks like Alien Swarm from Valve or Alien Breed from Team 17. Could be fun…

GAUNTLET Slayer Edition €4.99


I saw my friends playing this on Steam, looks like a pretty fun Diablo clone, works nice with a gamepad.

OMERTA City of Gangsters €4.99


From the makers of Tropico I think, looks like a nice mobster game where you run the city.

GRIM DAWN €18.74

Grim Dawn

From the makers of Titan Quest, and Diablo 2. This one looks solid!

How To Survive 2 €4.49 (Warning! Early Access)

How To Survive 2

Kill some zombies with friends (yes, again) but this time from different perspective.

That’s probably it for me, over the last 8 years I pretty much played every good or big coop game on Steam. If you just want to get other games go ahead!

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They Came From The Moon FREE Steam key!

Indie Gala is giving away another FREE Steam key, this time it’s They Came From The Moon. Get it here.

They Came From The Moon

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Weekend Deals (26.06.2016)

There is a lot of going on in every store this weekend! Probably thanks to Steam Summer Sale that practically forces all of the competition to do sales at this time. Check them out!

Weekend Deals June 2016


Here’s a nice sale on!

Deals on CDKEYS


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Games Rocket Deals

Mining Industry Simulator €5.48

Farm Expert 2016 €5.48

Helicopter 2015 – Natural Disasters €5.48

Bastion €4.37

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition €4.97

More deals here.


Verdun €11.50


Arcen Games Week

Arcen Week

Telltale Games Summer Sale

telltale games


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Massive Summer Sale


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekly Sale is up!

Weekly Sale

DOOM €33.33

Battleborn €19.42

GMG Weekend Templates

Extra 20% off voucher: 20OFF

Rogue Stormers £11.24

Rogue Stormers

SCDKEY Weekend Deals

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps €23.49

Umbrella Corps


Summer Sale is on!

Summer Sale


CJS-CDKeys Summer Sale



Couple of deals here too!


Direct2Drive is also having a Summer Sale!

Remember these guys? That was one of the first Steam alternative stores out there, they returned few months ago and now they are having a Summer Sale, not much there but you can still take a look at it. Here you go!

Summer Sale D2D

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Giveaways scheduled for 2016!

I’m happy to announce that we have 3 scheduled giveaways for this year on our Steam group, more details coming in the following months. Sponsors are soon to be announced. All giveaways are going to be hosted on our website, Gleam, social accounts or Steam group. All social media connection requirements will be limited to minimum, no bullshit likes, re-posts just some free games to random people! :)


Here are the dates and links to Steam events:

The Steam sales are getting worse!

Every time there is a Steam sale on the horizon I think of buying something but when the event launches and I see the main store page I just can’t browse it. Why? The store displays all of the offers randomly, which means I can’t focus on any particular offer. I really preferred the old way of presenting sales on Steam, it was much more eye friendly.

The store browse function also sucks. Here’s an example, when you go to the RPG category in the store and want to sort the titles by the lowest price it always shows those damn free to play games first which you can’t even hide, after clicking through every crappy free to play game the store suddenly hangs you have to start over – we all know how big is the Steam store load during the sale, I couldn’t even drop any cards yesterday from that queue thing.

It seems that the store is getting DDoSed too easily, few years ago it was really slow for first couple of hours tops – yesterday it was unusable for the whole night. But that’s not really such a big problem comparing to what I’m about to list below, check it out. I’m sure they can afford to expand their servers farm easily, they just don’t care.

Steam Rage

Here are some things that I miss from the old sales:

  1. There are no flash sales that would keep me check the store every day, that was actually fun to see what games were on sale on that particular day.
  2. No mini-games! Come on! That was fun and rewards from them were pretty decent.
  3. There are no special event achievements in games. If you don’t know what I mean there was this one big winter sale on Steam once a couple of years ago were you had to gather coals by doing certain achievements in games, all of those games had special winter sale content in them, like maps, items and the earlier mentioned achievements. That was a lot of fun too!
  4. Most sales are crap. Majority of them are never larger than 50% anymore. We need bigger discounts!
  5. No special community tasks (such as leaving comments, adding friends, writing reviews, playing multiplayer in some game etc. to get something in return) for people to do is also a bad choice.

What do you think about recent Steam sales?

View Results

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This is what makes people angry – especially the older gamers I think. Steam sales are particularly bad for people like me who own a lot of games that we bought over the years on… Steam sales. That’s why the catalog is no longer attractive to us and the most recent titles that we would want to buy aren’t discounted enough to even compete with the alternatives around the world. I remember that even the recently released games had some sort of discount during the sale time, now new titles don’t even have one like Ori and the Blind Forest.

Hopefully sales on Origin, Good Old Games, UPlay and other big platforms will be improved in the future. The recent ones aren’t even that bad considering you could get Battlefield games a lot cheaper on the EA’s store for example.

What do you guys think?

You can’t gift Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the Summer Sale

I wanted to buy a copy for my buddy yesterday and I saw that the game was not giftable at all, I couldn’t even buy it to my inventory. It just said I already have the game and can’t do that. Meanwhile people on reddit were going nuts and some guy from Valve responded with this:

CSGO Not giftable

This is how you get the alternative stores more popular Valve, not the other way around. People will always chose the cheaper option.

CJS-CDKeys Summer Sale is now up!

Check it out guys a lot of nice games on sale! Visit CJS-CDKeys store now.


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Wurm Unlimited €12.49 / £10.04 / $14.00

Wurm Unlimited is now on sale on GamesPlanet, it’s at 56% off and it’s a Steam redeemable key.


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L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition €5.39 / £4.49 / $5.39

This game is awesome but runs like shit on PC, if you can cope with bad framerate (locked at 30…) get it and you will love the story! Available on Playfield (seems to be a new store!).

LA Noire

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Another Battlefield 4 DLC available for FREE!

Second Assault Expansion is now available for free on Origin, simply go to the Origin store and add the DLC to you account. You don’t need the base game to claim it, so you will have the DLC when you buy the game in the future!

Battlefield 4 free DLC

PAYDAY 2 free to play until July 4th!

Check it out, Steam is having another nice promo this time for PAYDAY 2!


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Massive Summer Sale just started on Kinguin!

Steam’s Summer Sale starts in 2 days, meanwhile all of their competitors are having a lot of sales too! Check them out over here.

Massive Summer Sale

The highlights are:

GamersGate: Orange Juice Midweek, 20-23 June

This crazy strategy game series is now on sale on GamersGate.

Orange Juice Midweek

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Endorlight FREE Steam key!

Here is another FREE Steam key guys :D hurry up and grab it from Indie Gala!


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